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Kicked Off Of PayPal

This isn’t terribly surprising, given their aggressive anti-gun policies, but I’m more surprised it took this long. PayPal has officially booted me from their platform. I can no longer accept payments through their platform.

What does this mean for you? If you’re a subscriber and paying through PayPal, you no longer will be able to do so. Whether that means you switch to standard card processing or discontinue your subscription is up to you, and both options are fine! I understand 110% if you elect to discontinue your subscription, especially since I haven’t been producing as much new material as any of us would like. Your support of the page and the work being done is appreciated so much, whether it was for a day or a year or more. If you’re a subscriber who already was using a card and not PayPal, you won’t need to change anything.

But if you’d like to stick around, you’ll just need to change the payment method from PayPal to a card of some sort through Wix’s card processor.

Thanks again for your support and I’m looking forward to sharing more of the projects I’m working on with you all!

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